What’s this all about

So…. where to start. Well firstly, I am new to running. I run occasionally but i can really only run about 15km at the moment at a push. My fitness building starts now with an aim to progressively increase my training so I can complete the 26.2 miles that is the London Marathon 2017.

I should say that this blog isn’t primarily meant for others to read, but I thought to myself maybe there is somebody out there who might benefit from something I have learnt along my journey. So, I thought I’d keep this as a kind of running journal and whoever wants to read or follow along can. I’ll be updating it every few days with each training session I carry out and how I feel along my journey.

I am running for charity (RNIB) so I need to raise a lot of money as well. I have a full time job 5 days a week so I will need to fit my training in around this. If anybody wants to sponsor me the site is http://www.justgiving.com/chiragvlm

Thanks if your reading this and if you want to leave any positive comments below please do. Please don’t criticise as its not meant to be a training manual or anything its just what I am doing so there are bound to be a lot of things wrong. I’m just logging what i’m doing,

Wish me luck!